About TEQ4

TEQ4 specializes in designing and building immersive attractions. It brings together the most innovative and experienced technologists, creatives, media production and project management specialists from around the world.

United by a shared passion for creating unique experiences and engaging visitors, the TEQ4 team gets a thrill from blending their creative thinking and technological know-how to produce ground-breaking immersive experiences and attractions.

TEQ4 is proud to have delivered attractions, interactive technology installations, immersive theaters and themed experiences for some of the world’s leading museums, theme parks, and science centers.

Martin Howe – Founder & CEO

Martin has over 30 years’ experience in designing and building technology-centric attractions for theme parks, science centers, and museums. He was Chief Executive of Global Immersion until 2012 and has worked alongside many highly innovative and respected companies, including Electrosonic, Barco, and specialist flight simulation company SEOS.

A creative ‘techie’ with a passion for creating realistic and engaging immersive experiences, Martin’s specialization is in high-resolution immersive spaces and interactive learning environments.

Dom Jones – Creative Director

Dom is our Creative Director and has decades of experience in creating digital interactive masterpieces with multinational brands such as Disney, Burberry, Marvel, Sky, Capcom and HTC to name a few.

Dom’s extensive knowledge, creativity and expertise in the field of immersive technologies has been recognised with a multitude of accolades including award-winning Augmented Reality apps, industry innovation awards and BAFTA award-winning, cutting-edge pieces of digital cinematography.

It is Dom’s ability to flawlessly interweave technology with creative concepts that makes him an invaluable member of the team and helps Teq4  stay at the cutting-edge of technology in such a progressive market.

Simon Turtle- Sales Consultant to TEQ4

Simon is working with TEQ4 as a Sales Consultant. To many, Simon needs little introduction. His years at Barco saw him rise through the ranks of sales and business development through to Sales Director and Country Manager.

Throughout that time Simon has proven himself to always be open, honest, clear-headed and a man who delivered on his promises.