POD – Integrated Projector Enclosure and Precision Mount


High Performance Projector Enclosure with Integrated Precision Mount. Highly versatile solution proven on the most demanding projects. Configurable for any projector model and lens combination. Fast set-up, easy access. Available in a range of IP ratings. Contact us for details.

Unified: Build

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At Teq4 our mantra is Designing for Certainty. Extensive experience has taught us the benefits of perfect preparation, for measuring twice and cutting once. Our approach ensures we minimise our time on site and deliver the absolute best solutions. Even the best planning can fall short when inaccurate or incomplete site-specific data is shared. This becomes particularly challenging when multiple …

ScreenTeq™ with MotionFlex™

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Bring Your Screens To Life! The world isn’t flat. It’s round and curvy and wavy and bumpy. The world isn’t static, it’s constantly in motion, twisting and turning. The next era of screens will see screens of all shapes and sizes. Round, curvy wavy and bumpy, just like the world that they portray. They will also move, like the wind …


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ScreenTeq by Teq4 Next-generation LED display technology for immersive domes and theatres. Engineered for perfection and best-in-class performance, ScreenTeq provides unparalleled visuals and audio quality for a completely immersive audience experience. Perfectly suited to the requirements of immersive rides, giant screen theatres, large-scale themed experiences and planetariums, each ScreenTeq solution is uniquely designed to optimise quality, performance and investment.   Screens …


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Optimised for Immersive Environments VISTA is a unique projection screen technology that combines an optically engineered screen surface with a precision modular structure to create any shape or size of high-performance projection screen. The optically engineered surface allows the light to be directed where it’s needed, towards the viewer’s eyes, for maximum brightness and contrast. Precision Engineered Rigid Screen, Formed …


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Every minute counts When you’re in the field, and the air,every minute counts so it’s important to use time-efficient software when planning your route. Did you get the shot? Framed just how you need it? It’s not always easy to be sure, especially if you’re producing for multiple formats, and domes too. Viz-it, right there, right then Viz-it lets you …



Case study: Interactive Discovery Trail, Gilcrease Museum

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  “Museums are storytellers. As every curator knows, every object tells multiple stories. But how do you get from the object to the stories?” ~ Dr Robert Pickering, Gilcrease Museum Our inspiration… It was an extraordinary privilege working with the Kravis Discovery Center, part of the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When the museum director first took us around the …

La Geode, Paris

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“TEQ4 are extremely knowledgeable in the field of immersive theatres and domes, their expertise has helped us to navigate a path to a digital future with great expertise and creativity” Laurent Dondey, CEO La Geode TEQ4 have been supporting La Geode in navigating the complex transition from Giant Screen film to digital. Our work with the Giant Screen Cinema Association …