Teq4 vs Coronavirus

In the wake of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are ready to up our game. We will not shy away. We will not hunker down. We have the expertise and experience to collaborate remotely and effectively, anywhere in the world. We will continue to bring our unique expertise to highly complex projects. We are embracing tools and developing processes to be with the people we want to be with, virtually and better than ever.

We will make it easier for our customers to keep doing great things; to deliver their projects; to solve their problems. We will be available, proactive and helpful, visible and communicative. We will be here. And there.

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Teq4 – Immersive Attraction Experts

Welcome to Teq4, the specialists in immersive attractions…

We design and build unique immersive attractions and interactive experiences for museums, science centers and theme parks around the world.

Our team of creative and technical experts specialize in producing cost-effective, world-class attractions that blend innovative design with cutting-edge technology to truly engage and affect audiences.

We create exceptional, personalized guest experiences by using state-of-the-art technologies – including virtual and augmented reality, visitor tracking and tagging, and both online and onsite asset management systems – to deliver optimum interactivity.

We offer a wide range of compelling and enjoyable content, from breathing new life into existing libraries to crafting bespoke productions for attractions.

Screenteq™ with Motionflex™

The world isn’t flat. It’s round and curvy and wavy and bumpy. The world isn’t static, it’s constantly in motion, twisting and turning. The next era of screens will see screens of all shapes and sizes. Round, curvy wavy and bumpy, just like the world that they portray. They will also move, like the wind and the sea. Like nature itself.

ScreenTeq™ with MotionFlex™ opens the door to the next epoch in screen technology. Laying a pathway to a new way to view the world.

ScreenTeq with MotionFlex technology will bring screens to life, animated to imitate the content that’s shown, in vivid lifelike colour, and natural lifelike motion.

Take a look at the video below to see it for yourself.



“TEQ4 are extremely knowledgeable in the field of immersive attractions, theatres and domes, their expertise has helped us to navigate a path to a digital future with great expertise and creativity.”

Laurent Dondey. CEO, La Geode, Paris

“We appreciate the creative talent of TEQ4 to present a dynamic and educational experience for explorers of our vast anthropology material”Susan Neal. Chief Operating Officer, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa

“The team at TEQ4 have given us a wide range of things to think of from a technology perspective. They have been an invaluable member of the design team as we develop our plans for the future.”

Van Romans, President, FWMSH

“We had a very limited timeframe for this project and TEQ4’s coordination and timeliness allowed us to meet our deadlines. Their technical expertise, project management skills and general knowledge of the industry was critical in helping COSI reopen an icon that had been closed to our visitors and guests for 10 years, on budget and on time. Without this capable assistance, I am not sure we would have made it.”

Andy Zakrajsek, Senior Vice President, Visitor Operations, COSI

“A blank piece of paper to Martin is nothing less that the greatest of opportunities to create something magical while being totally pragmatic in it’s potential for being realized. His project management and creative leadership skills, coupled with his vast technical knowledge make for an invaluable member of any development team in the themed entertainment industry. It’s been a pleasure to work with Martin on numerous projects.”

Rick Rothschild, CCO, Far out!

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