ScreenTeq by Teq4

Next-generation LED display technology for immersive domes and theatres.

Engineered for perfection and best-in-class performance, ScreenTeq provides unparalleled visuals and audio quality for a completely immersive audience experience.

Perfectly suited to the requirements of immersive rides, giant screen theatres, large-scale themed experiences and planetariums, each ScreenTeq solution is uniquely designed to optimise quality, performance and investment.


Screens Designed by You

Imagine if you had the ability to design your own screen. Any size, any shape, any resolution or brightness. Curved, wavy, round or spherical. What would you create?

With the advent of advanced modelling and high-precision made-to-order manufacturing, Teq4 has developed the workflow, processes, and capability to build practically any type of screen that you can imagine.


Complexity Made Simple

There’s a huge amount of complexity in building large format display screens, particularly ones with irregular shapes. From the choice of components, mechanical substrates, and materials, electronics and image processing, precision manufacturing and assembly through to content creation and editing. Few companies on the planet have the skills and experience across this wide range of disciplines. We do.


If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It

With these capabilities and technologies, we can make practically any shape or configuration of screen, imagined by you and built by us. Whether it’s a screen the precise shape of your Company Logo, a huge American Football, or a small one, an Art Sculpture, a Flower, or an intricate Keltic Knot. If you can draw it, if you can imagine it, we can make it. We are ready to be challenged.


It’s a Process. Pixel by Pixel

We’ve been involved in screens for a long time. Slide projectors were the technology of the day when we first started. Slide projectors became video projectors which in turn are becoming screens made of regular arrays of pixels. We’re taking that game and moving it on. Our process allows us to choose the most suitable pixels for the job and then place those practically anywhere on a three-dimensional shape. We literally decide where each and every pixel should go, and there are typically millions of them.


Proven Process

This isn’t a case of embarking upon some complex development process without a clear end in sight. This is a proven process using tried and tested manufacturing techniques, components and materials. What we do is add a little bit of magic, and a whole load of experience and technical capability, to make the process for you simple.


Lean and Mean

Our Lean approach to design and build allows us to rapidly move through the process from concept to completion. Projects can be delivered from a clean sheet of paper within months. And we do mean that.


From Paper to Perfectly Formed Pixels

The complexity of designing and manufacturing these screens is matched by the complexity of designing and creating content to play on these irregular shapes. To address this problem we have developed workflows and software tools that allow rapid and simple translation of media from the workstation to the screen. Our experts can guide you step-by-step through the process, we’ll be alongside you all the way. Our creative capabilities can be brought to bear too; we can provide a complete turnkey solution taking your vision from paper to beautiful images on perfectly formed pixels.



  • Museums & Science Centres
  • Theme Parks
  • Entertainment Hubs
  • Educational Institutes
  • Large-scale Events
  • Destination Attractions
  • Out-of-Home Experiences
  • Brand Experiences
  • Large Format Signage
  • Mega Canvasses


Fulldome & Spherical Environments:

  • Multiple sizes to fit various venues and requirements
  • Custom radii and shapes tailored to specific needs

Alignment & Shape:

  • Vertically aligned domes
  • Tilted domes for unique viewing experiences
  • Half-dome structures available for specific applications


  • Certified self-supporting steel structure for maximum durability and safety

Positioning Flexibility:

  • Greater flexibility in positioning visitors and ride systems for optimised audience immersion

Pixel Pitch:

  • Options of 2.7/3.8 mm and 4.0/5.8 mm pixel pitches


  • Ultra-high dome master resolutions:
  • 8K x 8K for 20m/2.7 dome
  • Up to 12K x 12K for 30m/2.7 dome

Frame Rates:

  • Default high frame rates for smooth visuals
  • Optional 120 FPS capability for ultra-crisp motion capture

Pixel-Perfect Mapping & Server Architecture:

  • Integrated server architecture allowing uncompressed native resolution at up to 10-bit RGB 4:4:4
  • Guaranteed pixel-perfect mapping for flawless visuals

Acoustic Features:

  • Acoustically transparent display surface for an unobstructed and precise sound experience.

Lifetime Image Alignment:

  • Ensures consistent image quality in:
  • Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Colour Space
  • Geometry

Operational Efficiency:

  • Instant power up/down capability
  • Reduced start- and end-of-day procedures, resulting in lowered operational costs

Rear Accessibility & Diagnostics:

  • 100% rear access for easy maintenance and diagnostics
  • Modular monitoring and diagnostic systems in place for optimal performance tracking

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So Challenge Us

Feeling creative? Want to stand out with a distinctive tailor-made screen, with motion? Then challenge us.