teq4 at sea 2024

Teq4 at Saudi Entertainment Expo 2024

Meet with Teq4 in Riyadh at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo 2024 from 7-9 May as we once again join forces with Experience UK and other members on their booth, representing the very best of British talent in technology and attraction design.

Martin Howe will also be joining the Executive Think Tank Panel titled, “TEA PRESENTS: Creating and Executing World-Leading Immersive Experiences” on Wednesday 8th May. Delegates at the Expo will be able to hear from multi-disciplinary experts from the TEA discussing the development process from initial idea to final delivery, and all the nuances and challenges to consider. This experienced panel ranging from creative to economics to production can offer the best guest experience over the years.

More information can be found over at https://www.saudientertainmentexpo.com/sea-expo-summit-agenda-2024.

Who will be there
Martin Howe, Chairman, Teq4

Meet with us
To arrange a meeting with Martin at SEA 2024, please send an email to info@teq4.com and a member of the team will be in touch.