Teq4 has a new team member: Our new Business Development Consultant

Simon is the new Business Development Consultant here at Teq4

Meet Simon, our new Business Development Consultant.


Have you met Simon?


We are excited to announce another new addition to the team here at Teq4.


We’ve had an exciting year at Teq4 with the opening of arguably the world’s most hotly anticipated attraction and the development of some ground-breaking technologies that we’re preparing to launch in the coming months.


We’re now steadily building out our team for the next phase of the company’s development. Crucial to that is to find people who understand the industry and who can help translate sometimes complex subjects into user requirements and commercial offerings.


So we were excited to learn that one such person had recently come onto the market and we were quick to pounce. He is highly regarded and respected in the industry as a leader with a great wealth of knowledge and experience.


So, without further ado, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Simon Turtle joins our team as the new Business Development Consultant.


A little about Simon


To many, Simon needs little introduction. His years at industry powerhouse Barco have seen him rise through the ranks of sales and business development through to Sales Director and Country Manager. Throughout that time Simon has proven himself to always be open, honest, clear-headed and a man who delivered on his promises.


His work at the cutting edge of display and immersive technology will be hugely valuable at Teq4 as we seek to position ourselves as one of the thought leaders and technology leaders in this exciting sector. We won’t do this by scale or brute force, but instead through our agility, our international experience and our network of skillful partners.


Simon will be working with Teq4 at an exciting time and brings a vast network of knowledge and experience to the party. With this, we can further increase our ability to communicate and interact with those who have an interesting challenge to solve and bring our unique skills to the table.

Meet Simon for yourself at the IAPPA Paris Expo


Simon will be joining our Founder and CEO, Martin Howe, at the IAAPA Expo in Paris 16-19th September and at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando on the 19th-22nd November.


Both Martin and Simon will be happy to talk about our impressive portfolio of immersive attractions, and you might even get an insight into our new products and services that we are yet to unveil.


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